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ideaBOOST Case Studies: Focus Group – Ghost Town Project

Focus Groups Author: Zan Chandler Lead Facilitators: Ina Fichman, Eric Blais, Theresa Kowall-Shipp Overview: The Ghost Town Project, Intuitive Pictures The Ghost Town Project (GTP) is a multi-platform initiative where online engagement has real world implications and influence. The project brings online communities, locals and experts together to help rebuild and restore landmark buildings in different […]

ideaBOOST Case Studies: Focus Group – AsapSCIENCE

Focus Groups Author: Zan Chandler Lead facilitator: Mitch Moffit Overview: AsapSCIENCE AsapSCIENCE is an educational and entertaining resource for curious minds of all ages to understand the science in their own lives. It uses engaging aesthetics and relatable topics to capture the imagination of its viewers, and create an online community of scientific curiosity, questioning, […]

ideaBOOST Case Studies: Modelling and Simulation – Ramen Party

Modelling and Simulation Author: Zan Chandler Lead Facilitators: Lilian Chan, John Poon, John Mak Overview: Ramen Party Ramen Party is a cross-media entertainment property that gets preschool children and their culture-savvy parents interested in music, food, and culture by introducing them to quirky characters based on Japanese food ingredients. Each of these characters has both a […]

ideaBOOST Case Studies: Focus Group – The Path

Focus Group Author: Zan Chandler Lead Facilitator: Veronica Heringer Overview: The Path, SmokeBomb Entertainment The Path is an urban fantasy digital series and a “hosted” social experience that aims to stimulate viewers to participate in conversations around the show and create fan works through a low-barrier platform. The Path is a fully interactive, multi-platform experience that […]