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Storytelling еnter Authour:Josina Vink Edited by Christine Keene Problem Understanding complexity, developing empathy, establishing common ground, and eliciting participation and collaboration with stakeholders. Solution Storytelling is a flexible design research method with a broad range of applications, associated processes and variations. While there are no universal standards for implementation, there are a variety of documented procedures for […]

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Design Documentaries Arthour: Eric Leo Blais Edited by Christine Keene Problem Although informative, data collected through traditional research means is often dry, impersonal, uninspiring and/or lacking context. It does not spark the creative process. Solution Design documentaries use filmmaking techniques to present research information in a dramatic or cinematic fashion to inspire designers. Documentary filmmaking techniques can […]

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ideaBOOST Case Studies: Modelling and Simulation – Ramen Party dissect Modelling and Simulation Author: Zan Chandler Lead Facilitators: Lilian Chan, John Poon, John Mak Overview: Ramen Party Ramen Party is a cross-media entertainment property that gets preschool children and their culture-savvy parents interested in music, food, and culture by introducing them to quirky characters based on Japanese food ingredients. Each of these characters has both a […]