IdeaBOOST Case Studies: The Long Interview – YT//ST

Interview: The Long Interview

rencontre gay messenger Author: Zan Chandler

strattera online no prescription Lead facilitators: Alaska B, Ange Loft, Aylwin Lo



site de rencontre gay en cote d'ivoire YOUR TASK // SHOOT THINGS is a side-scrolling rhythm tap game, setting the pacing and ease-of-play of Infinite Runners again the music, art, and world critically-acclaimed art collective YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN. The game includes a music player loaded with a selection of YT//ST songs, and provides the ability to purchase music. Featuring integration with the YT//ST website, Twitter updates, and Songkick, the app also helps fans stay in touch with other YT//ST activities.

rencontre celibataire metz From the fall 2012 until spring 2013, YOUR TASK // SHOOT THINGS was one of seven teams to participate in the CFC Media Lab’s digital entertainment accelerator, ideaBOOST. The program employs the best practices from tech’s lean startup movement and other disciplines. The program’s goal is to help companies navigate the entertainment and technology startup market, sharpen their product vision, and refine their strategies to target audiences and generate sustainable revenues. As part of this program, the teams were exposed to a number of participatory design techniques. Each team made use of several techniques in order to further the development of their projects.

Method: Offering a balance between the flexibility of open-ended interviews and the focus of highly structured ethnographic surveys, the YT//ST team made use of in-depth interviews (a variant of The Long Interview) to gather focused, qualitative data about their fans, their fans’ interests, media consumption habits, cultural participation and the core elements of their game concept. This method was used during the discovery phase of the innovation process.


cherche travail femme de chambre a bruxelles Subjects of the YT//ST team’s interviews were existing fans of the art collective YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN.

Supportive methods: As part of their interviews, the YT//ST team also made use of a Questionnaire in order to gain a deeper understanding of their fans.


une rencontre le film streaming Before designing a game geared toward their fans, the YT//ST team needed to have a deep understanding of who their fans were, what motivated them to participate in the YT//ST world and in other cultural experiences. They also used this opportunity to gather feedback on the core elements of their game concept such as art work, basic game design, and music. This method enabled the team to gain deep insights into YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN fans, their appreciation of YT//ST’s music and performances, and to gather descriptive information on their cultural experiences.

Process summary:

casual dating pl Two team members sat with individual interview subjects for an in-depth interview. Following an introduction to the project, participants were asked for feedback on preliminary artwork created for the game. Then participants answered an extensive set of questions that touched on topics such as their cultural consumption habits and expenditures; their interest in YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN shows and music; and their interest in gaming.

Images or diagrams:

YT//ST fan being interviewed

sites de rencontre pour mobile YT//ST fan being interviewed


The YT//ST team was successful in gaining a deeper understanding of their fans. They learned that their fans were interested in the range of creative outputs of the art collective and were willing to follow them onto other platforms.


While some of their fans were not gamers, they indicated that they would be interested in the idea of the game due to their love of the music and the world created by YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN. They also learned that YT//ST fans were generally willing to spend money on arts and cultural experiences, even those on modest incomes.

ideaBOOST is the CFC Media Lab’s accelerator that emphasizes Audience Engagement for entertainment platform development. This case study was prepared for the ASTOUND initiative, a partnership between the CFC, HotDocs, and OCAD University.