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Use When:

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Use For:

Used for rapid communication and generation of ideas or recommendations around an envisioned scenario. Scenarios or recommendations could be around organizational situations or behaviours, city issues, etc. For example:

  • How has transport changed?
  • How has water use changed?
  • How has garbage collection changed?
  • How has fast food changed?
  • How has entertainment changed?

These scenarios would be bodystormed as a group with more than one person. “Communication” would occur at the level of body language, kinestics, gesturing and promemics. In other words, this is a very high context communication.


1) robô para opções binárias Domain – Before a bodystorming session, conduct a preliminary observation and documentation. From the documents, interesting phenomena are selected and edited into readable design questions. A design question would represent the phenomenon as a problem in the events, experiences and/or practices of the users.

2) är binära optioner bluff Venue – A location would be selected to resemble or be similar enough to the original environment.

3) opciones binarias online Session – Bodystorm groups over five people are fine—even up to 8 people works well.

  • Everyone needs to have a role.
  • Create props, including large cards that identify roles.  Create thought-bubble cards to show thoughts vs. saying or doing.  Your props can have feelings and thoughts, and they can talk.
  • Have a narrator, or color commentator explain things to observers.
  • The narrator can pretend it is like watching TV and use a TV controller to stop play, rewind, or fast-forward.
  • When your group is working through its presentation, try to approach it with the spirit of improv’s “Yes, and . . . ” rather than “No, but . . . “
  • Perform at least two skits showing a before and after service scenario.

4) تداول الفوركس الذهبي Record – Based on the discussion, the group would write down ideas as scenarios, depicting the user, a problem and solution to problem in a story-like format with drawings and written text.

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